The Macedene Guard

Originally, a force of bodyguards founded to protect the Council after they came to power in 874 AC, the Guard has since evolved into the primary military and political force at Hastur’s disposal.


When the Guard was first formed, its members were an extremely diverse collection from all walks of Hasturian life. Over the years, however, the Macadene Guard changed dramatically and now consists mainly of Middle and Upper City residents, with Lower City residents (those that are left, at least) often times being denied entry for what seem to be various, perfectly reasonable reasons.

Training and Culture

A new recruit in modern Hastur will find that, from their very first day, their training is designed to separate them from their family and friends, putting their trust and well-being only in their fellow Macadene and their commanding officers. Loyalty is of the utmost importance and any member found to be disloyal is dealt with severely, always by death or exile, depending on the political ramifications.

The Macedene Guard

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